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Polster Lieder is devoted exclusively to establishing, protecting, enforcing and defending patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets for a wide range of complex technologies and scientific processes.  We are a premier boutique intellectual property law firm in the midwest, which enables us to provide our clients an exceptional legal value.

The roots of our firm date to 1879, when the United States was transitioning into an industrialized nation and experiencing extraordinary changes in manufacturing, transportation, and communications.  Over the years, Polster Lieder has guided its clients through ongoing advances in technologies.  Since our inception, we have provided Intellectual Property legal services to individuals and companies that have helped define the course of modern industrial history.

Our firm structure allows us to be flexible and innovative in our client relationships, while our depth of expertise ensures that we understand our clients’ business needs. We focus on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Due Diligence, Strategic Opinions and Planning, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and related matters for our clients in the midwest, nationally and internationally.

Many of the clients that rely on Polster Lieder’s sound legal opinions and expertise are leaders in their fields and fast-growing organizations.  We are focused fully on serving your Intellectual Property legal needs expeditiously and cost-effectively.