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Polster Lieder offers a stable and stimulating professional work environment for bright attorneys to grow and achieve their potential in the practice of intellectual property law.  Our attorneys enjoy dynamic relationships with our clients, most of whom are leaders in their fields.  We are known for our sociable, informal, collaborative and open door atmosphere.

Polster Lieder recruits attorneys with engineering or science degrees that have passed or are eligible to sit for the Patent Bar.  Polster Lieder values outstanding academic records and meaningful technical work experience. We look for individuals who demonstrate maturity, independent motivation, excellent interpersonal skills and superior writing skills.  An entrepreneurial attitude and a desire to control one’s own destiny, rather than merely function in a rigid environment, are highly valued attributes.

Polster Lieder assigns a member to serve as mentor for each new associate.  We underscore our commitment to the development of each associate through the collaborative experience and training that we provide, and through hard work and commitment to the practice.

Our firm structure supports a creative work environment that encourages and recognizes talented lawyers. High quality of work from our associate attorneys is valued more than mere quantity of work performed. The firm does not view high billable hour requirements to be in the best interests of associate attorneys or our clients. Our approach also encourages attorneys to gain expertise in all areas of intellectual property law rather than becoming highly specialized in only a narrow area of law.

Lateral Opportunities

Polster Lieder values the skill, confidence and professionalism of experienced attorneys. Several of our current attorneys joined our firm after first practicing in other firms. These attorneys soon fit into our sociable and collaborative atmosphere, where they can devote their attention to the practice of law without the stress of large billable hour requirements and a rigid work environment. As one of the oldest boutique intellectual property firms in the St. Louis area, Polster Lieder possesses the resources and prestige necessary to ensure the continued growth of your practice.

All attorneys and summer associates are selected for employment solely based on merit, without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, medical condition, marital status, handicap or veteran status.

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