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We work with our clients to protect their original works of authorship from unauthorized copying. We have managed a full range of copyright matters, including, but not limited to protecting:

  • Computer hardware and software programming code;
  • Written works such as books, manuscripts, poetry, sheet music, reports, manuals, product schematics and plans, maps, etc.;
  • Visual works such as photos, drawings, sculptures and paintings;
  • Videos and movies;
  • Sound recordings;
  • Architectural plans;
  • Ornamental products, such as jewelry, lamps, etc.; and
  • Mask works (computer chips);

Our copyright practice is divided into three primary areas:

Registering Copyrights

Polster Lieder attorneys assist clients in the registration of copyrights. With the help of our paralegals, we can keep copyright registration costs low, making it cost effective to register your valuable copyrights.


Our attorneys assist clients in licensing their copyrights to others and, also, securing licenses from third parties. Licenses can be structured in many ways to best meet the expectations and requirements of both parties.  Our attorneys draw upon their previous experience to craft a suitable agreement, and we utilize creativity in addressing new situations.

Prosecuting and Defending Copyright Suits in the Courts

Polster Lieder attorneys enforce their clients’ copyrights against infringers and defend their clients when threatened with infringement.  Often copyright disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation. If the copyright was timely registered, statutory damages can be awarded which can exceed the lost profits caused by the infringement.