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Since 1879, Polster Lieder attorneys have helped our clients obtain patent protection on thousands of innovative devices and scientific processes. Our firm has the longest continuing patent practice in the St. Louis area.  Polster Lieder’s patent practice can be divided into five primary areas:

Obtaining Patent Protection for Our Clients

All of our attorneys have an engineering or science degree and are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  Our attorneys work hand in hand with our clients in the preparation of patent applications and during the prosecution of patent applications.  We represent clients in numerous technology sectors including: agricultural equipment, automotive, bearings, boat docks/marinas, chemical processes and coatings, clothing, coin changing devices, food preparation equipment, a variety of electrical devices including motors and generators, electronic devices and controllers, a broad range of consumer and household products, medical and dental instruments, playground equipment, refrigeration equipment, steam energy converters, transportation technology, safety equipment, air purification and energy saving systems, business methods, software, and many other specialties.

Protecting Foreign Rights

Our attorneys understand the differing requirements for obtaining and protecting patents around the world. We serve many companies with international business interests.  To help these clients protect their innovations and enforce their granted patents worldwide, Polster Lieder relies on its network of foreign associates to obtain and enforce patent protection around the world.

Avoiding the Intellectual Property Rights of Others

Polster Lieder has access to comprehensive patent databases to help determine whether a client’s proposed product or process would infringe a competitor’s patent rights and whether those rights are valid.


Our attorneys help clients license their technology to third parties and to license technologies from third parties. Licenses can be structured in numerous ways to best meet the expectations and requirements of both parties. Our attorneys draw upon broad experience to craft suitable agreements, and we address new situations by creating licensing agreements to best achieve the client’s goals.

Prosecuting and Defending Patent Suits

Polster Lieder’s trial attorneys have earned excellent reputations in intellectual property litigation and appellate practice. Our attorneys have obtained multi-million dollar patent infringement settlements and many favorable verdicts for clients.

Our litigators serve diverse organizations in varied industries located in the midwest and across the United States.  Our attorneys manage intellectual property issues and litigation from trial through appeal.  In addition, we represent clients before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

As an alternative to time-consuming and expensive intellectual property litigation, Polster Lieder attorneys employ arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in order to amicably settle disputes.