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The distinction of a well-advised business is how well the business protects its name and its brands. Registering trademark rights and aggressively protecting them should be a priority for any organization. Polster Lieder’s trademark practice is focused on five primary areas:

Obtaining Trademark Protection

Our attorneys assist clients in protecting one of their most valuable assets: their names and brands. Polster Lieder attorneys dedicate a significant portion of their practices to trademark protection.

Protecting Foreign Rights

Our attorneys routinely help clients protect their names and brands in foreign countries. By utilizing international treaties and our network of foreign associates we are able to secure and enforce our client’s trademark rights around the world.

Infringement Avoidance

A trademark availability search should be performed before using a new mark to help determine if a proposed mark is already in use or if a confusingly similar mark exists for related goods and/or services. Our attorneys perform clearance searches to counsel clients about the risk associated with proposed marks to help prevent clients from adopting marks already in use.


Our attorneys assist clients in licensing their trademarks to others and, also, securing licenses from third parties. Licenses can be structured in many ways to best meet the expectations and requirements of both parties.  Our attorneys draw upon their previous experience to craft a suitable agreement, and we utilize creativity in addressing new situations.

Prosecuting and Defending Trademark Suits in the Courts

Polster Lieder attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended many trademark suits in state and federal courts. We have successfully obtained injunctions against others who use marks similar to our clients’ marks and prevented the issuance of injunctions against our clients’ use of marks.  We also prosecute and defend trademark registration opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  In addition, Polster Lieder attorneys work with the U.S. Customs Department to prevent infringing products from entering the United States from other countries.